Is your content working for you?

  • Is it error-free with well constructed sentences and consistent messaging?

  • Is it well written with good grammar, clarity and persuasiveness?

  • Is it good enough to convince customers you’re the obvious choice?

Is your copy converting?

You've written your sales page, mini course, email funnel...

How's it working out?

  • Your content is written, but it needs work.

  • It gets lots of interest, but the bounce rate is high.

  • It's a great offer; but conversions are low.

It pays to produce copy that converts

Producing accurately written copy, whether you do it yourself, or pay someone else, can get you up to 4x more conversions...

Website Planet, a web services comparison site, compared landing pages written with poor grammar and spelling and then with corrected grammar and spelling. There was a marked difference in the number of visitors that left the sites after reading the first page (known as the bounce rate);

Websites with poor grammar & spelling retained 12% of visitors resulting in 8 new clients per 1000 visitors.

The same websites, with corrected grammar & spelling retained 46% of visitors resulting in 32 new clients per 1000 visitors - 4 times more!

If you'd like to create copy that converts with each and every contact...

Bring in more leads, more prospects, and more clients.

1. Give your copy the Audit & Optimize Treatment

2. Take a course to improve your English

3. Develop Your Communication Skills

Audit & Optimize Treatment

Clear messaging, accurate text, persuasive copy.

We proofread, edit and optimize your content to check for grammatical errors or unseen typos, and optimize the text for clarity and impact so you can publish with confidence.

The Audit & Optimize Treatment gives you peace of mind that your sales page, course page, pdf, email, funnel and marketing is optimized to bring in more leads, more prospects, and more clients. 

How it works...

Book a free 30 minute call with us:

In the call you brief us on:

  • your offer
  • your ideal customer
  • the content to be optimized.   

If you're happy for us to proceed we'll give your copy the Audit & Optimize Treatment.

We audit your copy for:

  • grammar, spelling and punctuation errors.
  • typos.
  • grammar & copywrite software anomalies.

We optimize your copy for:

  • readability
  • clarity
  • persuasiveness

We get together with you to: 

  • make the required edits  
  • discuss our recommendations for improvements
  • talk through any weaknesses in the text.

And, we can re-audit the same content once a month

If you make changes to your sales page after it's had the Audit & Optimize Treatment, we can look over that copy monthly to catch any errant typos so your copy will always be working at its best to help you convert. 

Content optimization is the fastest way to getting you more sign-ups and sales without a complete re-write.

Perfect copy month after month

Better English Course

Self-propelling course supported by friendly tutors

Learn the basics of accurate English in 30 days or less.

This course will help you perfect your grammar, spelling, punctuation and style so you can send emails, present your work, and confidently publish accurate content each and every time you write.

Making fewer mistakes keeps more people reading your copy.

You won't find complicated grammar rules in this course; no one in business cares whether you 'split your infinitives' or make the odd mistake but, clients respect good written English because it reflects the person they're about to do business with - and they will move on if they find too many simple and avoidable recurring mistakes.

Here's what's in the course:

Module 1 - Self Evaluation; assess your English

Module 2 - Grammar; identify and fix common errors

Module 3 - Homophones; choose the correct spellings of the same sounding words

Module 4 - Learn about proofreading; AI software, editing & style

Module 5 - Evaluate your improvement

Download - Certificate of Completion

Download - Ebook of the course for lifetime reference - worth 47.00

You'll see improvements right from the start.

Taking this course will help you

  • boost professional credibility
  • have more impact
  • be seen as more trustworthy
  • add more prospects to your email list 
  • increase the uptake of your offer
  • improve conversions

The result of improving your written English is that you'll serve more clients than you do now!

Business Mindset Program

Training That Boosts Creativity & Communication

With the importance of personal development in the spotlight, experts advise learning new skills is key when it comes to success.

This personal development program teaches different topics every month that help you boost your verbal and written communication, and leadership confidence.

Membership to the program unlocks access to life-enhancing soft skills training: 

  • How we Gain and Give Away Authority
  • Demonstrate Presence Through Being Big, Balanced and Still
  • The Halo Effect/The Horn Effect
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Problem Solving
  • Creativity
  • Persuasion
  • Collaboration
  • Adaptability
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Delegation
  • Critical Thinking
  • PLUS more content related modules such as:
    • Conversion Copywriting
    • Faulty Diction
    • Building a Business Vocabulary

And, many more resources at your fingertips.

Personal Development for Business Success.



    Audit & Optimization from $97 + tax / £97 inc. (Email us to get started)

  • BETTER ENGLISH 30 Day Course

    $197 + tax / £197 inc. (Currently full)


    $197/month + tax, £197 inc. (Currently full)

If you're interested but need more info please contact us here so that we can help you further.

Hi, I'm Julie

'Optimize' Founder & CEO

Julie Rowlands

Following a 30 year career in Customer Operations, Julie became the CEO of 'Optimize Online LMS' helping client-facing individuals, teams and organisations improve their written English through Content Optimization, Online English Courses and Business Mindset Development training. Julie says, "A simple grammatical or spelling error has the power to discredit the writer in an instant; our program helps individuals and teams produce credible content so they make the best impression on customers with each and every contact. I absolutely love my job and that I get to work with people from around the globe. If I can help someone become more successful simply by teaching them how to use better English so they convert more clients, that, for me, is a job well done!”


Sheron Adam, Reit & Springsimulator Munchen & YogaTeacher4U

Teacher's Coach | Simulator Coach | Course Creator

"I was looking for a proofreader who could help me. It was not as easy as I thought until I found Julie Rowlands. Julie helped me on a one-on-one basis to understand the errors I was making, as well as what to focus on. It's easy to give someone a text: 'Here, you go look for the mistakes', however, with Julie I was fully involved in the process and able to learn by doing it together. I highly recommend Julie R. and I will schedule more proofreading sessions. 'Thanks so much. I had a great time working with you. You work very professionally.' Julie is a great proofreader. She is precise and gives lots of feedback. I highly recommend her."

Caitlin Downie, 'How to join a choir, with confidence'

Singer | Musical Director | Online Course Writer

"Julie works swiftly and with precision. Her work elevates my work, so the reader can absorb the information I want them to without being hindered by poor spelling and grammar. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for an excellent proof-reader. Thank you again for all your hard work."

Ste Tonks, Eversheds Sutherland

Senior Digital Creative Executive | Digital Content | Social Media | LGBTQ Campaigner

"The 'Optimal English Course' is really good. I love that you bring up simple things that a lot of people get wrong! The video with accompanying transcript is great too as it’s accessible for all."

Helen McCormack, National Grid

Grantor Relations Team Manager.

"The course is very good, clear and concise."

Dr. Tegwyn Perkins, Lloyd's Register

Senior Technical Adviser Americas | President Elect for the Society of Petrophysicists & Well Log Analysts (SPWLA).

"I use 'Audit & Optimize Subscription' for key emails where there can be no room for error, uncertainty or ambiguity. Julie also optimizes abstracts and papers from scientists worldwide before they are published in the Society's Symposium website. I can always rely on her to spot anomalies and make suggestions for clearer and unambiguous text written in plain English. Julie makes the edits in a one-on-one consultation with me, ensuring we maintain the integrity of the text."

Frequently asked questions

  • Who is Optimal for?

    Client-facing entrepreneurs who write their own course content, sales pages, funnels, and professionals who need important emails or business documents to be optimized. Clients are Csuite execs, course creators, Copywrite professionals, sales people, customer service personnel and bloggers.

  • How is Optimal Teams different?

    Optimal Teams is for five or more enrolments from a team or company and offers the same benefits as before plus reporting on student uptake, completion rates and other metrics.

  • What does Optimal Enterprise Plan include?

    Optimal Enterprise Plan is for larger organisations and offers all the benefits of Optimize Teams plus a dedicated learning site in the company's own colours and logo with full in-house LMS functionality. It includes advanced control, enhanced customer support, bulk user management and allows up to 30,000 enrolments under the same agreement.

  • How long does it take?

    OPTIMAL CONTENT Transformation has a 72 hour turnaround. OPTIMAL ENGLISH course takes 30 days at 10 to 20 mins/day. OPTIMAL MINDSET Program is monthly training.

  • Am I tied to a contract?

    No. Candidates are free to leave the program with no early cancellation fees. It is expected that companies prefer a contract, in which standard terms and conditions apply.

  • I use AI software; do I need this?

    As helpful as they are, grammar and copy software are still in their infancy. Grammar software doesn't recognise a correctly spelled word used in the wrong context and copy software churns out sentences that are grammatically incorrect; presently, even AI created copy still needs to be proofread by a human before being published.

  • Can't I just get this information for free?

    People can find anything online, for free. This means that there needs to be a very clear benefit for purchasing one of our courses. You can learn everything we teach you on YouTube and Google. But, people pay us for our courses because we create a learning journey, taking the guesswork out of it, bringing all the relevant information together in one place and we take investment in our students’ success. Our learning journey encompasses the full curriculum of what is required in the subject matter.


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